Pathway to Consensus, a brief description of our process:

1. Based on your “Political Type” and ranking of 15 general issues, you will be matched with someone from opposite side

2. We will create a partner blog on our site on Slack, which the two of you can keep private, if you wish.

3. You will then attempt to generate agreement statements in any of the 15 issue categories

4. If you two are successful, you will be rewarded with the posting of your agreement statements on our site.  The statement will then be posted for endorsement by other partner-pairs.   Samples of recently achieved consensus statements are posted in the Archives (See Archives Tab).

5. Grand prizes of gift certificates and magazine subscriptions will be awarded for statements accruing the most endorsements. (Someday let’s hope we may rely on the intrinsic reward that Socrates saw in dialogue as a cooperative venture, a reward sufficient unto itself, depending on mutual respect.)

6. We will broadcast the best statements by posting on the consensuschallenge Facebook and Twitter accounts, and encouraging all participants to do the same. (We can imagine more direct links to media in the future.)

7.  Pairs who successfully post a consensus statement will then be given access to the Chat Room dedicated to their issue of agreement to explore further consensus.