Here are examples of Consensus Statements achieved on our website:



1) Government funding for PBS should not be cut.

2) The general ideas of the Common Core Curriculum are good, but states should be able to opt out completely or implement the ideas as they see fit.

3) Students who are consistently disruptive should not be mainstreamed unless they can learn to control their behavior to the point that it does not interfere with the learning of other students.

4) Public school teachers in California need to be paid more, especially in areas where livings costs are high.

5) Betsy DeVos was not an appropriate choice for the position of Secretary of Education.



On immigration:

1) U.S. borders should not be open to anyone who wants to live or work here.

2) Some people need to be deported.

3) There needs to be enough hearing officers so that deportation hearings can be held promptly. Those without sufficient financial resources should be provided with legal representation.